Pondering Community

Dec 31, 2014


8th Day Community, many of you have put months and even years of time and effort into your fitness journey. You've followed intelligent programming and made wise decisions about being patient and willing to learn. The end result is that you're becoming a VERY fit and healthy collective. And that’s awesome! On top of this, you've developed an amazing community, which is only natural considering what you go through together on a daily basis. And of course that’s great too! Yet because we're not a closed community, but rather welcome new members into the fold each month, there can be a downside to all this positive. It can be intimidating to begin, and might even feel challenging to break through socially.

I know we don't want this issue to be a stumbling block. So what can we do? The solution needs to be additive, not reductive. In other words, I’m not going to tell all of you to stop making fitness progress, don't like each other so much, and quit having all that fun. That part of 8th Day needs to stay and continue on it’s natural trajectory. What we can do is to be sure, on a daily basis, to look outside ourselves and the group to see those who might be standing in that proverbial corner. Welcome them in. Learn names. Find out how long they've been a member and if they have any questions. Remind them of how it was for you when you started, and how everyone’s journey of 1000 miles begins with one step...and then another. Partner with someone you don't know. Be nice.

It’s unusual in life that something positive can grow to such an amplitude that a negative by-product is introduced. But I'm confident that the strength of our positive at 8th Day can rise to the occasion and trump that which might cast a shadow. So keep up the good work gang. I’m proud of all of you, and grateful I can talk to you about things such as this. Now let’s do it.