Joe Cebulski


My journey to Crossfit begins as a high-school athlete who was happiest when my body was in motion.  Over four years, I collected 11 varsity… Read more »

Nate Bass

Head Coach

Since day one I've been borderline obsessed with sports.  My brother and I were super active kids, rarely ever playing inside.  We played everything; baseball,… Read more »

Zac Kraai


I grew up as a competitive swimmer and continued to compete in the pool as a scholar athlete at the collegiate level. I really enjoyed… Read more »

Michael Paas


I have had a love for sport and competition for as long as I can remember.  Growing up I was involved in sports year round.… Read more »

Dan Weatherwax


Growing up I spent a lot of time cooped up in a house playing video games until I realized I was wasting it away on… Read more »

Kevin DeVries


OK, I admit it I’m an “older” athlete.  But that means something totally different today than it did three years ago…

I started… Read more »

Ryan VanderGalien


I started CrossFit at 8th Day in February of 2012.  A close friend of mine had told me about it and said I had to… Read more »

Jordan Wallin


I'm from a small northern Michigan town where I played sports all year growing up. When I went to college in 2003 and didn’t have… Read more »

Austin Adams


​I first discovered CrossFit in the summer of 2012, and loved everything about it; from the variety of workouts, to the atmosphere at the gym,… Read more »

Michelle Loverin

Boot Camp Coach

My husband and I have four children and I know firsthand the struggle women in particular can face with weight loss and fitness in general. While… Read more »