Austin Adams


​I first discovered CrossFit in the summer of 2012, and loved everything about it; from the variety of workouts, to the atmosphere at the gym, I was hooked. For the first two months, it seemed like I had been hit by a train every morning I woke up because I was so sore, but my body stuck with it and I started to adapt to the constant exercise. While in my first two years of doing CrossFit, I learned that two of the movements stood out to me above the rest (no burpees was not one of them): the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

Since I enjoyed the Olympic lifting side of CrossFit so much, I entered an olympic lifting competition in the spring of 2014, not knowing much about that sport at all. I ended up placing fourth out of over 45+ male lifters, and instantly knew that this sport was for me. 

Fast forward to today, with over 10+ lifting competitions under my belt, including National Universities in 2015, and 3 state records, I think that Olympic lifting has been the right decision for me, and this gym has made all of it possible. I love being able to coach and help others with their CrossFit and Olympic Lifting goals, like when I was first started out in the summer of 2012.