Michelle Loverin

Boot Camp Coach

My husband and I have four children and I know firsthand the struggle women in particular can face with weight loss and fitness in general. While I had great pregnancies and enjoyed being pregnant, my last was the best by far, largely because I had discovered Crossfit. There was something about constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement that motivated me like nothing I had ever experienced. I began to hit a stride with all of the new things I was learning right around the time we found out we were expecting baby #4. I was able to continue pursuing Crossfit the whole time, (with some modifications!) even hitting a DU PR just one week prior to baby’s arrival!

As a coach I am committed to challenging, inspiring, and encouraging every person who comes into a class. I am blessed beyond measure to have a small part in building up the community here at 8th Day, and consider it a real privilege to have the opportunity to pour into people’s lives in this unique and exciting way.