Dan Weatherwax


Growing up I spent a lot of time cooped up in a house playing video games until I realized I was wasting it away on pointless entertainment. Bored with my life, I began to find alternate paths of excitement. The biggest draw was extreme sports. If there was a chance of getting hurt and making my heart pump, I did it. The adrenaline rush carried me. I still actively participate in mountain biking and snowboarding from which I’ve discovered my love for adventures and the outdoors.

In high school I told my guidance counselor that I had absolutely no interest in ever attending a college or university. After many hours of debate the counselor finally convinced me into pursuing a career in firefighting. Immediately it caught my eye due to the fact that I feed on adrenaline. Shortly after, I scored a job working as a paid-on-call Firefighter. Firefighting is an extremely physical job and I wanted to be the best I could. This began my adventure with fitness.

It began with strictly weight lifting and running.  As most do, I became bored.  Eventually, I went off to a University to study fire science, and during my sophomore year I discovered Crossfit. My physical fitness instructor was a police officer and an avid Crossfitter. The workouts he put me through were like no other. I was spent and could barely move, but loved it. The hunger grew and I wanted as much as I could get. Soon I started buying and building my own equipment so that I could WOD on my own.  I’m sure I was doing everything wrong.   Just before my senior year of college, I was offered the opportunity to work for the largest Fire department in Midwest Michigan. During my probation year I encountered another firefighter talking about Crossfit.  After a little coercing, he talked me into taking a trip down to the gym.

I became an 8th Day member and enjoyed every minute, picked up on the movements quickly and started to see some of the best times and scores. About two months into it, Joe and Shane both approached me about coaching. I said yes, and it  has now become a huge passion of mine. I am constantly learning new ideas, techniques and philosophies from my fellow coaches and athletes. Training the proper technique and form reduces the risk of injury and increase strength and overall fitness. It is my goal to focus on these two aspects to create the best athletes around. It’s not about how hard you train, it is about how smart you train.