Joe Cebulski


My journey to Crossfit begins as a high-school athlete who was happiest when my body was in motion.  Over four years, I collected 11 varsity letters in 5 different sports...then accepted a baseball scholarship to continue my athletic pursuits into college. After several seasons on the team, I made the decision to shift goals from professional baseball, to focusing on my studies and pursuing a sport that truly interested me. That sport was track and field. Though I had never participated in high school, I found my stride quickly and began adding one event after another. By my senior year, I was able to win a national collegiate championship in the Decathlon.

That same summer I would begin training for the Olympic Games. Over the next decade I continued to improve and gain national as well as world-class status. I was fortunate to train with and under some of the greatest athletes and coaches in the world. Every year I would also spend time at the Olympic Training Center undergoing biomechanical and physiological testing by some of the great minds in the field. In 2001 I took an assistant coaching job at a Div I University and was able to apply much of what I was learning and give back to the student athletes. In 2007 I moved to Northern California to train full time for the Beijing Games with a select group of athletes, under legendary coach Dan Pfaff. I earned a theoretical “PhD” in performance physiology and kinesiology from coach Pfaff. My love of knowledge and information allowed me to not only gain ground as an athlete, but to also lay the foundation for what I would do with my life in the future.

In 2004, and again in 2008, I competed at the US Olympic Trials in Eugene Oregon. It was an amazing experience to be part of one of the greatest decathlon competitions ever held on US soil. It would, however, mark the end of my professional athletic career. A few months later I was back in Grand Rapids, and excited to move into a new phase of my life.

I found post-competitive training to be difficult. I was bored, unmotivated, and uninterested. Standing in front of a mirror and doing curls just didn't get me excited. Then I found Crossfit. My first workout I came home exhausted, sore and totally stoked! I found I had a passion for Crossfit training. Most of all, I loved to share my excitement with others who were struggling with workout routines that were mundane and ineffective. As our gym grows, I find I am again surrounded by athletes pursuing goals. These individuals are of varying shape, age and size...but share a few things in common. Chief among them is the desire to challenge and push themselves beyond what they believe they're capable of. Crossfit provides a perfect template for individuals of this caliber and temperament.  I now find myself in an occupation doing what I love, with people who love what they’re doing. Life couldn’t be better.