Nate Bass

Head Coach

Since day one I've been borderline obsessed with sports.  My brother and I were super active kids, rarely ever playing inside.  We played everything; baseball, basketball, football, hockey, etc...  When I got to high school I focused on basketball and football.  In my senior year of football I suffered a fairly serious knee injury that left me unable to play sports and with plenty of time to watch TV and eat.

After a handful of years it finally clicked and I decided to get in shape.  At first, I ran...A LOT (think Forrest Gump without the ping pong skill).  I lost weight and became healthier but after a couple years of that I became bored.  I started doing Crossfit workouts with a friend a couple times a week.  After every one, I would stumble around the gym semi unconscious wondering what had just happened to me, and even more concerning was why I liked it so much.  The first time I stepped into 8th Day I fell in love.  The coaching was so good with such a focus on working smarter rather than harder.  The competition was so cool; it was exactly what I had been missing in my long boring runs.  But the greatest thing was the community here.  People I'd never met, motivating me to push through the pain and sweat of that horrific workout (Fight Gone Bad) was something I'd been missing since high school.

"See beyond the pain" its a simple 4 word quote that can fit into many different scenarios, but works miracles in CrossFit.  See beyond those annoying thrusters, burpees, kettlebell swings, or whatever modality it is that leaves you sleepless the night before and be ready for changes you've never experienced with a group of great people who will always be there to scream and cheer for your every rep!