Ryan VanderGalien


I started CrossFit at 8th Day in February of 2012.  A close friend of mine had told me about it and said I had to try it.  I’ve always been involved in sports and I was really missing the competition that comes from any sport.

In high school I played football, basketball, and baseball.  During college I would participate in intramural sports and pick up games as often as possible.  After college the “real world” took over and I found myself working too much and coming up with any excuse to skip going to the gym.  Even when I did go to the gym it was the standard bench, curls, abs, and a small amount of cardio mixed in.  I wasn’t seeing results and I didn’t enjoy being there.

From the first workout at 8th Day I was humbled.  I walked in as someone who always thought I was pretty good at just about any sport, and walked out being destroyed by what didn’t seem so difficult for everyone else in class.  Every day was difficult to get through at the beginning, but each day I came back I could see and feel myself getting better.  Shortly after I joined 8th Day, the CrossFit Open competition was going on.  I came in every Friday night to help judge and count reps.  Although I was new and wouldn’t have been able to help the team, it still killed me just to watch.  The competitive fire was lit once again just being around all of these great athletes. 

I have found that there are no good excuses for me to skip the gym.  I enjoy my time here and I am glad to be able to be part of this great community.  My fitness level improving at 8th Day helps me in everything I enjoy doing outside of the gym.  I enjoy the outdoors which includes camping, boating, wakeboarding, and I play a lot of golf.  When people at my work ask what I am training so hard for the simple answer would be “life,” but for people who don’t do CrossFit it’s hard to understand.