Zac Kraai


I grew up as a competitive swimmer and continued to compete in the pool as a scholar athlete at the collegiate level. I really enjoyed the team atmosphere, accountability, encouragement, results, and education.  After taking some time off from school and doing some traveling I began to realize I wanted a job where I could be active and share my passion for health and fitness.  I was introduced to CrossFit in the summer of 2012 and found I was very passionate about training, and even more so about coaching and educating others.  I received my CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certification in April 2013 and began as a coach at a gym in Holland. 

I competed in the GR Games at 8th Day Gym in the summer of 2013 and had the pleasure of meeting one of 8th Day’s athletes, Steve Hamming.  Steve invited me to train at 8th Day with him.  After competing in such an awesome event hosted by 8th Day and enjoying their facilities I was ecstatic to accept such an offer.  When I came to train with Steve, 8th Day’s owner, Joe Cebulski also joined us.  As we began to work out and chat about the days training and fitness in general I immediately regretted not having pen and paper on me to take notes on the knowledge that was being shared.  After that training session I began to ask myself if it was time for a change.  After some soul searching I decided to take a chance and leave one great fitness community to join another.  8th Day Gym is a place of education and opportunity.  I joined the 8th Day Gym community in January of 2014 and have truly enjoyed every moment. 

I now carry a notebook and pen in my gym bag and on multiple occasions have found myself in Joes office scribbling ferociously as he shares his knowledge.  I’m excited to do a lot more scribbling in the future.  I also find myself routinely recording the many pearls of knowledge I gain from coaching and training with other members of the staff at 8th Day Gym on a daily basis.  I look forward to furthering my education in fitness, exercise, and human movement.  I am most excited about having the opportunity to be part of a community like 8th Day Gym as well as having the chance share my knowledge and experience in this great community.