The best workout you can get.

— Mike

This guy gets it! It's a great gym! Joe has a unique approach that really works. The gym is a community of people that work hard, push each other and raise each other's level of performance. No two days are the same. Great group workouts. Great individual coaching. Wide variety of functional movements. It is guaranteed to improve your overall fitness, athletic ability and performance - if you put in the effort!

— Gregg

8th Day Gym has revolutionized my well being.  Joe lends a depth of experience and ability that is unparalleled.

— Rich

8th Day isn't a "gym" full of spandex clad posers doing another 45 minutes on the elliptical. It's a community of people who are pursuing a high standard of fitness and aren't afraid to challenge themselves in the process. At the same time, everyone is friendly, encouraging and very accepting of people at different fitness levels. (I say that as one of the old, fat people at the gym!) The workouts take dedication and a lot of determination, but they will make you faster, stronger, aerobically and anaerobically fit and they can be a lot of fun when you learn to go with them. I'm so glad I found this place.

— Maria

Outstanding trainers, foster a supportive encouraging environment for athletes and beginners. Makes you look forward to going to the gym.

— Kevin

Runners should run to 8th day. I started 8th day in February and...wow! . I have gained muscle and friends and lost fat and minutes per mile. The name is appropriate. I feel I have gained another day in my life due to increased energy, focus and drive. I used to have a hard time running continuous 8 minute miles. Now, they are easy and my endurance has improved. This has been a huge eye opener for me on how to reach optimal fitness for your age (I am 49). Plus, it's actually fun! The coaches and fellow 8th Day members are open and very supportive. I highly recommend 8th day to anyone seeking to improve their physical fitness and not getting meaningful results.

— Tom

My first gym experiences and I'm loving it. Great coaches and great people all around.

— Steve

Fantastic coaches and great people to work out with.

— Steve

I can honestly blame (or more accurately credit) my appreciation for Crossfit on my wife.  She had been bit by the Crossfit bug in the fall, and shown significant results.  However, until she gave me the Christmas “present” of a series of sessions at 8th Day, I didn’t realize the fitness void a forced medical retirement from competitive cycling had left. The daily routines are varied, challenging, and scaled (necessary for the +50 year old set). The exercises deliver a fitness that is a stark contrast to my past cycling workouts – Crossfit is broad and general with a total fitness emphasis.

I'm pushed to levels I didn’t think I could get to, but the coaches also make sure you aren’t risking injury. I get sore, but not with injury.  The results have been very gratifying and measurable – dropped cholesterol (LDL by >30 pts), weight (15 lbs) and pant size (2”) coupled with increases in strength and stamina. I’m actually looking forward to my next physical.

— Bill

Before Crossfit I had been doing "traditional" weight lifting for close to 13 year with some success in natural bodybuilding competitions. However, recently I had been losing the drive and motivation to train in that traditional fashion.

My brother-in-law had been talking about trying this new type of training called Crossfit to change up our routine a bit. I was soon introduced to Joe at 8th Day. After our first workout I had thought that maybe I would try this for a month to see how it would go. After the first week I was hooked. I loved the intensity and challenge of each workout and the way that the coaches would push us to reach our potential. I was now looking forward to working out again and the drive and motivation was back. The crossfit workouts that Joe puts us through are physically and mentally exhausting but the feeling of completion is a greater reward.

— Doug

Leading up to the start of my Crossfit experience, my approach to exercise was recreational.  I played soccer, did a lot of bicycling, and lifted some weights here and there ... among other things.  When I started Crossfit, I thought it would be another addendum to this mentality.  Not that Crossfit conflicts with recreational exercise, but boy was I wrong!

The first month of Crossfit was rough as my body was shocked with repeated and painful anaerobic assaults.  But the results have been more than gratifying... and addicting.  Now, when I look at recreational sports, I am certain I will be able to do them better, faster and stronger than ever before, thanks to Crossfit.  When I help my father-in-law throw hay this summer, I'll be able to easily throw twice as much as last year.  And you know?  The aesthetics of it all doesn't hurt either.

For me, Crossfit isn't an addendum to recreational exercise.  Crossfit is an introduction to being able to truly thrive in any active environment.

— Rich

My path to 8th Day Gym started in January of 2009, when I underwent reconstructive surgery on the ACL in my left knee. Fast-forward a year and a half, to June of 2010. I had finished physical therapy a few months earlier but I was still suffering from pain and stiffness in my knee.  On top of that, my left leg was still considerably weaker than before the surgery, and I lacked any amount of confidence in the stability that it offered me while running.

During one of my uninspired trips to the gym I was fortunate to meet Joe and told him about my situation. I was excited to hear that every workout is scalable, even for someone with a medical issue. I decided to give it a shot…it took me about one month to feel confident in my knee again, and during the following two or three months I was able to run, ride, squat, twist and lunge again with no problem. I am certain that without 8th Day Gym and the consistent encouragement and advice of the coaches I would not be as healthy as I am today.

— Todd

I walked into 8th Day February of 2010 as a skinny guy who had touched a barbell at most half a dozen times, and was more familiar with slouching than squatting. Since then, I've hit 405lbs on my deadlift, lifted 31,505 lbs in 16 minutes, look forward to doing double unders, and become totally addicted to finding new strengths (I never guessed I'd be a halfway decent rower) and weaknesses (hand stand push ups are hard!) in a friendly, but still very competitive atmosphere. My favorite part about the gym though, and it sounds cliche, is the community. When I moved to Grand Rapids to be closer to work, I had a group of people to talk to, hang out with, and take care of my cat. Saturday workouts are great, because many of the people from other class times show up, and it turns into a bit of a party.

— Allen

I’ve been a member of 8th Day for just over a year and I can confidently say that joining was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I had exposure to CrossFit style workouts in college and I knew it would be a great way to challenge myself and stay in shape.  One year later, the workouts are still fun and challenging, but I've discovered that the best part of belonging to 8th Day is the community.  I love going to the gym and knowing everyone there and being able to call them all friends.

— Jordan

I have been a member of a fitness facility since I was 18.  Not since I joined 8th Day Gym and started doing crossfit training have I ever had so much fun, been so deeply challenged, made such incredible fitness gains, and ever felt more a part of a workout community.

What's created at 8th Day is so much more than a place to work out.  It is truly a “training facility”.  Besides the designed workouts, I have learned so much about nutrition, energy systems in my body, form/techniques for lifting, and have developed my mental toughness well beyond what it was.  I feel “athletic”, not just strong.  8th Day Gym/crossfit training has become an integral part of my life!  Come join a great community.

— Steve