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  • to permanently transform the way fitness is perceived, delivered and experienced in Grand Rapids, MI
  • create a positive and supportive community of healthy individuals based on accountability, camaraderie, and competition
  • increase athleticism regardless of age or ability level
  • provide an educational framework for long term wellness, and quality of life
  • deliver a platform for individuals desiring to compete at the Sport of Fitness
  • continually learn about, deeply understand, and meet the needs of our community
  • teach mechanics and technique as foundational, while still addressing strength, speed, endurance and skill
  • publish articles, provide feedback, and bring in experts in diverse fields
  • provide our members with the latest understanding of elite training methods, coaching and periodization

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Elements are three one-on-one, one hour sessions, with a coach. Scheduled according to your availability, these sessions are required in order to get you familiar & prepared with the techniques & movements that we do in class. These sessions also include a workout. When Elements are completed you're ready for CrossFit Classes.

This is where the fun takes place and community is formed! The heart of our programming and participation.  You'll continue the training from what you've learned in the Elements Sessions.

8th Day Gym Boot Camp classes vary in style!  During the one hour class you will get a variety of athletic drills, strength training, and cardiovascular exercises.

Boot Camp classes are available Monday through Friday 6:00am, 12:30pm, 5:30pm,  6:30pm, and Saturday 9:00am. 

If you'd like to participate in our CrossFit Classes, Elements Sessions are required.


Meet the Owner

Joe Cebulski


My journey to Crossfit begins as a high-school athlete who was happiest when my body was in motion.  Over four years, I collected 11 varsity… Read more »

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More than just a gym or a workout. If you are looking to be challenged and work hard with exceptional instruction and training - this is your place.  Joe is phenomenal at he does - thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with the rest of us!

— Nick

The knowledge and approach Joe takes on fitness is incredible. This is, hands down, the best gym in Grand Rapids.

— Julie S

Great Workout and Fun - the group class format is fun and helps keep everyone motivated. The classes include men and women and a wide range of ages and fitness levels. Excellent coaching with a strong emphasis on proper technique and variety yields great results. I highly recommend checking out 8th Day Gym!

— Harvey

8th Day Crossfit Gym is hands down the best place in Grand Rapids for those interested in getting in shape or becoming an elite athlete. The owners Shane and Joe care deeply about the performance and knowledge they provide to all 8th Day members, and those looking to join. I look forward to every workout, since it is different and not EVER boring!

— Alan

I've been running, doing triathlons and working out in gyms for about 10 years. This is the first time I have broken through plateaus and experienced real, noticeable results. These guys are great!

— Jason B

Fitness is often sought out yet seldom found. Most people concentrate so much on one aspect of training they miss out on becoming completely fit. At 8th Day Gym the workouts and programming are geared toward achieving total body fitness. Come in and find out how to increase your bench press by doing squats and become a faster marathoner by doing push ups and pull ups. Your results will be your reward.

— Eddie

I have been training at 8th Day for a year now. Never before have I experienced such gains in strength, agility, and stamina. 8th Day has not only become an incredible training facility for me, it is also my community. Everyone supports one another and cheers each other through some REALLY difficult workouts. Come find elite fitness training and the greatest community of athletes in Grand Rapids!

— Steve

What can I say!! This has been the best training I have gotten involved with! I have always been involved with sports and fitness, I did the triathlon thing, I was bored with workouts and group ex classes...doing the same ol' same ol'. I started at 8th Day this summer and love it. The workouts challenge the full body, have variety and are fun. The people are welcoming, friendly, encouraging and un-intimidating. The coaches are always willing to help and educate.

— Lisa


Visting the Grand Rapids area and have CrossFit experience? We welcome you to drop in with us! Our drop in fee is $20 or purchase a shirt. If you're following a specific training program, you're welcome to utilize our open gym option (same drop-in fee applies). Please give us a call or shoot us an email to give us a heads up of when you'll be here.

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